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Elevator Pitches & Networking

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

My biggest challenge. Elevator Pitches and Networking. In lecture today, we've learned how to properly introduce yourself to potential employers. Let me start with my experience with networking. One day, I was invited to go to an art event to view my friend's piece. I get there and I quickly realize that the artist (my friend) wasn't there. I was hope she would but that was not the case. For about an hour, I was forced to speak to a couple of her mentors/coordinators. They asked me what industry I worked in and I said that I'm an Advertising & Marketing student in Sheridan College completing my second year. They were impressed and asked me if I wanted to run their collective's advertising campaign for 2019. As all has gone well there were many things I could've improved. In the situation, I was meek and it showed in the tone of my voice and in my body language. This was because I didn't have my elevator pitch ready and was not prepared to network. Unofficially, what happened that day was my first networking event. They told me I was shy in my face.

Here are some things I could improve for next time. Most are things I learned in my most recent lecture but some are observations I've found about myself. Let's start with the elevator pitch:

- Have a message with three supporting guidelines to get your "professional" point across

- Formally introduce yourself in the following sequence: Who you are, What you can offer, What you need

I will go about this approach to become more comfortable next time.

When networking it is important to keep a database. This something I should start doing. I need to attend events to get more comfortable and broaden my opportunities. With a business card, I can feel put together and go far with my developing networking skills and elevator pitch.

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