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The Professional Prep course is great!

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

In today's class, Erin talked about the importance of this course. She spoke about how it will prepare us students to the real working world and how it the course material will help us start our careers. I agree with her. Especially when she said we'd be learning about how to develop self-awareness skills, goal setting, and career planning. These components are important because they will help us advance to the best results faster.

On Reflection Journals

This TED talk by James Schmidt is great because I like how he used real examples to reflect and learn throughout his life. His way of using a journal for coping with a death of a loved one is so inspiring to me. I write in my journal to cope with the obstacles I face in my life. Through writing, I am able to process my thoughts and gain lessons from them. I can also see what I can do better the next time something similar happens. I can even read back on my life to help me look in a more present perspective, especially throughout my coming career.

As for the rest of the course, I am excited to develop my profile and discover myself as a professional through course activities and assignments.

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