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Business Cards & Learning Interview Questions

In today's lecture we learned about what an interview should and should not ask in an interview. We've also learnt about business cards and the etiquette behind giving and receiving them. These components go in hand-in-hand as a sequence that leads the interviewer to break the ice with the interviewee. Business cards showcase the contact information of the interviewee as a way to better network with other professionals. From the title of the position the person is in their career to the design of the card, it can spark conversation to help build connections. This is a summary of what I've learned in today's lecture. Now, I will conceptualize each topic into my own understanding.

Firstly, with the interview questions. A highly important thing to remember is to think of the questions as "value" and "technical". Interviewers look at the "values" to see if you can fit with their culture, while "technical" is to see if you can actually do the job. Learning this has helped frame my mind in a way that I can better prepare for future interviews. This principle has tremendously helped me practice for the mock interview as well.

Secondly, here are questions that we should all be vary of when interviewers could potentially have prejudice against you:

- What's your relationship status?

- Do you observe Yom Kippur?

- How old are you?

I will leave you with my favourite video on business cards.

Thanks for reading this week!

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